Deck crane wire ropes


As a specialized supplier of crane spares Freudenberg is able to offer all kinds of wire ropes. Hoisting wire ropes or luffing wire ropes for cargo cranes and offshore cranes are available. Not only small diameter wire ropes but also large diameters for heavy lift cranes are in our scope of supply. Therefore the correct lay direction according to the drum, suitable construction for the needed purpose, required breaking loads and many other details needs to be clarified in advance. Basically there are three main types of end connections on deck cranes: Standard Thimble, Solid Thimble and Open Spelter Socket. The highly qualified staff can verify all technical parameters. Questions are clarified in cooperation with customers to find the best and most economical solution. We ensure quick delivery with class certification as required by the customer.


In addition to the wire ropes, like hoisting wire ropes we can also give quotes for other needed spares for deck cranes. We also supply our customers with wire sheaves, hook blocks and shackles as well as cargo handling tools like grabs and spreader. We developed skills for special crane wire ropes and are able to cover wire rope requirements of any kind of construction.

During inspection of your deck crane our service technician will also check the condition of the wire rope. Correct greasing of the wire ropes ensures a longer life time.

Furthermore we are still committed to Western European brands, which for reasons of quality are the original suppliers of the crane makers. We have crane wire ropes available in Hamburg, Germany and Singapore within a short delivery time.

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