In addition to the on site services we maintain a very big stock of new and overhauled spares in Germany. We are facilitating delivery of many deck crane spares and other vessel equipment directly from stock. In 2021 we build a new warehouse and office building in addtion to our old company building. Basically this was to cover the needs of constantly crowing business . Our warehouse team consisting of five colleagues is arranging the commission of incoming orders and handling the entire inventory.

The total value of our fully digitalized warehouse with barcode system is about 3 Mio Euro. Our warehouse is filled with with 2000 positions in hand stock and 5000 different articels of deck crane spare parts and more. We have a total amount of 10000 pieces available in 1800m² warehouse capacity. With our warehouse buildings we have enough space for 1200 pallet/boxes.


High quality packaging is most important for us to make sure, that the vessel equipment will arrive the vessel without damages. Even if the final destination is unknown our team is arranging the best packaging for all possible transporation options as Airfreight, Seafreight or Truck.
Our warehouse team is using suitable packing for both the smallest screw and also huge cabins or even larger items. If standard pallets are too smal we have our own area inside the warehouse to build non-standard wooden boxes.
This ensures a flexible and cost saving packing.

Packing Seafreigt/ Airfreight


In order to save CO2 and minimize the volume of waste we are reusing a lot of packaging materials, brought a paper press to press scrapped cardboard packaging and are using maize starch packing peanuts wihout plastic.

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