More than special service

We keep you lifting 24/7
We consider ourselves as a partner to our customers and understand their need for uninterrupted and reliable crane operation.

With our experience we support the technical and purchase departments even with complicated matters. Our aim is to avoid or reduce any downtime.

Worldwide service
With our highly skilled crane specialists we can supply all kinds of specialist services, such as:

  • general check-up and
  • inspection
  • troubleshooting and
  • emergency repairs
  • planned maintenance
  • and overhaul

More about our services

With our specialised workshop we concentrate on the overhaul of crane components such as:

  • motors
  • pumps
  • gears
  • winches

Also complete cranes have been overhauled.

After repairs or overhaul, we perform a test run and all repairs are duly documented to cover quality rules.

More about our workshop